eMed and White House aligned on COVID pandemic response

eMed’s Virtually Guided Program Enables Fast Access to Treatment for COVID-19 for Millions of Americans

 MIAMI, March 2, 2022 -- eMed, the creator and architect of the at-home, virtually guided Test-to-Treat™ platform, is pleased to continue advancing its patented methodology in close alignment with the Biden Administration’s pandemic response as announced during last night’s State of the Union address.

eMed’s platform enables millions of Americans to gain fast access to treatment based on rapid tests performed and verified entirely from home. eMed’s Test-to-Treat™ program uses eMed’s current platform to virtually guide and verify at-home test results and, at no added cost, seamlessly walks positive individuals through a telemedicine evaluation and provides an immediate prescription for treatment to those who are medically eligible. Test-to-Treat™ bridges the gap between at-home diagnosis and treatment, and facilitates rapid initiation of therapy.


"In the same way rapid testing is key to cutting off the transmission of COVID-19, early treatment of infections is critical for limiting the severity of the disease," said Chief Science Officer Dr. Michael Mina. “We built the Test-to-Treat™ program to fill a void in public health where there are free lifesaving antiviral therapies out there, but little to no understanding on how to get access to them, especially when time is of the essence. eMed’s new program has enabled equitable access to both testing and treatment of COVID-19 to millions of Americans, on their terms, whenever they want and without appointments or other barriers, from the comfort of their own homes.”

FDA-authorized oral antiviral treatments are most effective when initiated as soon as possible after a diagnosis of COVID-19. Upon receiving a positive test result, test takers are provided a telemedicine visit and, if medically eligible, a prescription for treatment, which can then be delivered or picked up that same day. When rapid at-home tests are linked to eMed and pre-positioned in people’s homes for when they are needed (like first aid kits), eMed’s Test-to-Treat™ program can reduce the time from symptom onset to starting treatment to only a few hours, maximizing the benefit of new COVID-19 treatments to keep people healthy, reduce healthcare costs and cut hospitalizations and deaths. 

“The administration has done a tremendous service by providing at-home tests at little to no cost to Americans, however, when used alone, these at-home tests can only determine an infection – and we have taken this a step further,” said eMed Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Patrice Harris. “With eMed’s telehealth proctor-guided platform we can not only determine status of infection, but we can now grant access to lifesaving antiviral therapies immediately upon receiving a positive test result. By diagnosing and acquiring treatment in the very same step, we are not only providing convenience, but saving lives.” 

For more than a year, eMed’s Digital Point-of-Care™ platform and medical lab report plus public health reporting, have been used for international travel, as well as by states, schools, employers, and government entities as a means to create a testing infrastructure that is organized, verified and reliably reported. eMed’s Test-to-Treat™ program builds on this success to bring equitable access to treatment online and into the home as well. 

About eMed Democratizing HealthcareTM

eMed (www.eMed.com) is a digital health company with a digital point-of-care platform that provides fast, easy and affordable at-home healthcare testing, supervised and guided online by eMed Certified Guides. We embrace quantitative medicine to deliver prescribed tests and treatments directly to patients, driving better and more cost-effective health outcomes.

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