eMed Announces Multimillion Dollar PSA Campaign at CES to Keep America Healthy

eMed and Hollywood A-Lister to Partner on Campaign to Enable Americans with Access to At-Home Testing and Therapeutics 



LAS VEGAS, Nevada, January 6, 2022 – eMed, the market leader in test verification technology and services, today announced it will allocate millions of dollars to a national public-service-announcement campaign to help Americans get access to tests and therapeutics that can save millions of lives and enable millions of people to stay at work, school and travel. 

eMed’s CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Patrice Harris, took center stage at CES to talk about the company’s many at-home testing innovations. eMed is working with a stable of personalities, including music mogul DJ Khaled, who shared today the importance of at-home testing on social media. The company plans to reveal the name of the Hollywood A-lister celebrity who will lead its media campaign in the coming weeks. 


eMed’s verification platform, to date has enabled millions of people to get on a plane, go to a sporting event, or safely attend work and school.


The campaign brings together eMed and pop-culture personalities to drive through effective messaging that Americans can relate to. The campaign will launch in Q1 of 2022 and stay active through the first half of the year. 

The announcement builds on eMed’s recent announcement of its Test-to-Treat™ capability – an enhancement to eMed’s current at-home testing solution which will facilitate the rapid provision of prescription antiviral therapeutics for eMed customers should they test positive for illnesses such as flu, strep, UTI, and COVID-19. 

eMed offers on-demand rapid COVID-19 testing through eMed’s Digital Point-of-Care™ platform. The eMed platform enables live guidance by a Certified Proctor who ensures the integrity of the testing process, validates the test result, and transmits a CDC- and OSHA-accepted eMed digital lab report that the test taker receives within minutes.  

"We believe that when people don’t feel well, they should be able to take an accurate test at home, receive verified and validated results and get rapid access to the right treatment as soon as possible," said Dr. Harris. "We're thrilled to be in Las Vegas among like-minded disruptive companies showing how we can use technology to improve the human experience. I’m particularly excited about our upcoming campaign, as we know too well that the message is as important as the messenger. We need to cut through the noise and help Americans understand the options they have at hand to stay safe, healthy and productive.”

eMed is hosting media, customers and partners at its CES Exhibitor Suite (2906) at the Encore Suite towers, Las Vegas from January 5-7.


eMed’s enables people to know, to go and to treat. The eMed platform provides:

  • eMed observed and verified at-home testing with results in just minutes via a digital lab report. The eMed digital lab report serves as official proof of negative or positive results to carry on with life’s activities.  
  • Live virtual supervision by telehealth proctors available 24/7, 365.
  • Automated result transmitted to public health agencies and partner portals.
  • Expedited diagnosis enabling quick access to treatment. 


eMed is FDA authorized, CDC accepted and OSHA, HIPAA and HL7 compliant.

About eMed Democratizing HealthcareTM

eMed (www.eMed.com) is a digital health company with a digital point-of-care platform that provides fast, easy and affordable at-home healthcare testing, supervised and guided online by eMed Certified Guides. We embrace quantitative medicine to deliver prescribed tests and treatments directly to patients, driving better and more cost-effective health outcomes.


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